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SMS is the Best Mobile Marketing Channel

With 87% of population of the US population owning a cell phone more companies and organizations use the medium to reach out for prospecting and communication with current customers.

SMS is the most effective channel for direct marketers because of its simplicity, expense and response levels. Virtually all phones are SMS capable, the channel can be reached by 5 billion subscribers worldwide.

Consumers worldwide will send more than 7 trillion SMS messages in 2011 and this creates a huge opportunity for marketers. It is estimated that 500 messages will be sent out by the average consumer. Ninty-five percent of cell phone users have SMS built into their agreement compared to 40% of all email solicitations and 90% of all test messages are read within three minutes of delivery.

Companies are using short code mobile marketing because it delivers personal, and actionable content to a target group that has opted to receive the message. Short code is 5 or 6 digit carrier-approved number that mobile phone subscribers use to send SMS messages.

This interaction helps both consumers and companies for establishing a relationship that is two-way. Short code campaigns are growing in popularity because of their simplicity and outreach. Many event marketers test short code in marketing campaigns to test different response rates.

TV commercials that direct viewers to a Web site to register for a contest and giving viewers the option to test messages in short code. Short code direct marketing campaigns have generated a triple response rate over other channels and short code will generate a much greater response of total entries when tested.

Campaign Mix

Mixing SMS with direct mail, TV, email and web will give your marketing a larger push and will create a bigger response since your covering all channels that your target market is most likely to be involed in.


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