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How To Determine An Acceptable List Size For Renting

The high costs for promotion, processing, billing, collecting make it reasonable to buy mailing lists in quantities of at least 25,000 names. Lists smaller than this makes it difficult for the renter to rent again if they decide to buy second list after the test succeeds.

A mail order buyer list of 30,000 to 70,000 names could be identical to other rented lists on the market because only a small portion of the list could have identical duplicates of the same names. A compiled list purchased through InfoUSA or Hoovers maybe the exact same list that is well established in the marketplace.

Know The List Market Before Buying

Before investing in a compiled list by classification or a group of classifications, make sure you know all the list on the market. It is common for someone to offer classifications taken from 4000 yellow page directories. There are only about 2 or 3 nationwide compliers that offer the exact same lists in 4,000 different yellow page directories.

Duplication among list compilers is common when renting business to business by standard industrial classification or consumer lists by specific demographics. Knowing all of the lists on the market will prevent you from purchasing the same exact lists twice through different list compilers. Newcomers to the list business may not be aware of this that the new list recently purchased was identical to a list that you recently mailed to because you did not know the appropriate market and the possibility of duplication among used lists.

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