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How to order residential mail list

If you would like to purchase targeted mailings lists you should first understand where these lists come from and how they are derived.

That way, you will have a much easier job of deciding exactly which type of list would be most beneficial for you. Lists will be gathered from various sources, thus knowing exactly who you want to approach will help you to know which list to choose when a selection is given.

Cheap is not better

Cutting costs in list purchasing is the biggest mistake you can make know where your lists compiled from publically available information. These are usually referred to as compiled or researched lists; names from these lists are obtained from public files such as shareholder files or professional registers.

These are often quite broad lists though can be helpful when looking for leads in a particular industryBusiness Information at Hoover’s

Many people subscribe to different magazines or newspapers

Including online magazines. Some people pay for these subscriptions while other sign up to receive free copies. These lists are helpful if you are looking for leads with specific interests, such as those who regularly subscribe to financial magazines or sports magazines. Standard Rates and Data includes all of this information.

When people attend exhibitions or trade shows they frequently fill in different information about themselves or their companies. These are great lists to obtain if you are looking for specific business lists, targeting a certain trade or segment of the business sector.

How to Purchase Residential Mailing Lists YouTube

A very common list is derived from electoral rolls and census participants. These geo-demographic lists usually contain a lot of data about people living in specific geographic regions and are useful if you are targeting a specific local area.

Aside from knowing the sources your list comes from, it is also a good idea to check out the reliability of the data included on the list. Most list distributors acknowledge that anywhere from three to six percent of a list will contain invalid contact information.

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