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Some Internet Providers offer free Email Lists for their users as do some universities and colleges for students and staff. Many of the Free hosting services listed below have advertising placed on every message that comes through the lists.

From comp.mail.misc Internet Mailing List Providers:
“To find a LISTSERV sponsor, write up a draft proposal which describes the list you’d like to create and mail it to LSTSRV-L@SEARN.SUNET.SE. Mention in your message that you don’t usually follow those discussion groups, so could responses please be mailed to your private address. Please only submit your proposal once. If someone is willing to host your list, then you will hear back from him or her. Repeated proposals for the same topic are only likely to annoy the readers of the list and may make them less likely to want to take on new lists. For more detailed advice on this process, send the command GET NEW-LIST CREATE as an e-mail message to the address LISTSERV@VM1.NODAK.EDU.”

  • America Online’s Internet Mailing List Requisition Form — Free. AOL will host select LISTSERV® mailing lists as part of their Give Back To The Net program.
  • ListService — Setup from $30 on up and $10/month for hosting.
  • – Free or by donation. No web page available at this time, via email, contact: for more information. From the service’s owner, Jessica, with permission: ” No setup fees, list run largely by donation, large lists may require a specific ‘donation” in order to be maintained, as the load on the server may be significant enough to warent it, topics will be screened by me (ie. I have some standards, but can’t really say what they are), and anyone who is just looking for free hosting, may be better off trying some of the larger sites. Really, I’m willing to deal with quite a volume of requests, but if a person wants a list ‘now” it would be best to go with something like yahoo, or something as from my understanding you can setup a list and have it running in very short order (matter of an hour?),which is not true with my setup, you have to deal with the rotten human who sometimes makes mistakes when setting up the lists”
  • Milepost1 — Hosts LISTSERV? lists. Setup fees start at $5, lists run from $1/month on up.
  • MiloMail — Free MiloMail Free email Communities, join a list or create your own.
  • Net Atlantic — Online Discussion Group Hosting
  • North Star Technical Services Mystery.Com — Majordomo list hosting. From $5/month on up.
  • Petidomo — CyberSolutions Petidomo email list hosting.
  • SkyLists.Net Virtual Communities — “Start your own online community with SkyList Through our unique combination of Internet tools and services, we can help you plant the seeds of a virtual community, and nurture them to fruition. prides itself on professional service, technical excellence, and confidentiality. We work closely with our clients to develop a community which matches their needs and exceeds their expectations. If you are serious about your Internet mailing lists, you want All lists include a web subscription form, searchable archives, bounce handling, and more.” Basic Setup Fee: $250 setup fee for the creation and configuration of your list. This includes importing up to 1000 addresses as well as all email and DNS configuration. Special circumstances may involve additional setup fees and ongoing costs [or less, I’m told, so email their sales department with your needs] are based on the type of list and size of the address list. All lists are billed according to the peak number of subscribers each month.
  • SohoMart – Free Hosts Majordomo lists with adds on each post..
  • SparkList — Host Majordomo email lists. Setup fees from $25 and list hosting for $1 for every 1000 messages, $50/month Minimum
  • TalkList — Setup fee is $20 and from $5/month on up for list hosting plus as low as $5/month .. archives cost extra
  • Think Coach — Majordomo mailing list hosting by one of the developers of Majordomo 2. Software: Majordomo version 1.94.4.nb2 or Majordomo 2 “.. offers Mailing lists configured to exactly meet your needs, with virtual hosting under your own domain, automated bounce-handling and automated web-archives, whatever is desired. If the many configuration options of Majordomo don’t allow you to do what you want, I know Majordomo well enough that I can easily modify the Majordomo program to do exactly what you want it to do. ” Starts at $15.00 per month for hosting the virtual domain (with any number of mailing lists), plus $0.40 per month per megabyte of online disk space, plus $0.025 per megabyte of data transfer, plus $30.00 setup fee every time you need me to change something (like e.g. setting up a new list, or changing something about the configuration of the list which you’re not able to handle yourself).
  • Topica — Free Offers free email lists, but is not disabiled or all browser accessible. Also known to spam, and to subscribe people without their knowing.
  • VPMail — Free Trial List from Australia. After the trial period cost run from around Aus$0.40/day on up
  • Your MailingListProvider — Free and fee email lists

If your looking for some high response high quality lists be sure to call me first since I will give you free advice.If your looking for some high response high quality lists be sure to call me first since I will give you free advice.

Tim Little, Publisher
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This is a fantastic source for finding targeted niches, works the same as Google and will give you data cards and pricing on over 60,000 response publication driven lists.

A Wonderful Source for Keyword Driven Lists

More Sources For Cheap Mailing Lists

  • Cheap Mailing Lists | Cheap Mailing Lists Provide Added Value – The quality of a mailing list is a key element in the effectiveness of cheap mailing lists. The term”cheap mailing lists” is a subjective term. If you say”cheap mailing lists” and mean inexpensive mailing lists, you could mean”cheap mailing lists” that are not inexpensive compared to bad”cheap mailing lists”? On the other hand”cheap mailing lists” that are inexpensive when compared to very expensive but high quality mailing lists, might be what you are thinking.
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  • Modavox Reports Record Second Quarter 2006 Results – LeadsPlease makes it fast and easy for businesses to search through millions of mailing lists for sale, then find their perfect customers and buy cheap mailing lists online in minutes. …
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