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Determine ROI

If you are a sales professional or a direct marketing manager on the search for a mailing list broker, there are several factors you must consider to ensure you make enough funds to cover your initial marketing investment and profit in the long run.

You can write a marketing plan and do some projections in Excel to determine your desired return on investment.

This is simple to do you simply place your costs and revenues into seperate columns and list all of your expenses related to the mailing and than estimate your response rate by how many customers you will need to breakeven.

Breakeven Points

Remember that seldom do you breakeven in acquisition mailings you must plan ways to gain revenue by upselling and cross selling complmentory products after the initial sale.

Think Lifetime value

Look at lifetime customer value, while there are number of different brokers available on the Internet today, it is fair to say not all mailing list providers are created equally.

How To Score A List

With the premise of making money simply by providing names and physical addresses of consumers, there are a number of list providers who fail to update their data and offer the quality customer service you would expect when paying for a service.

Search for a Broker

If you are searching for a broker, research reviews on the company as well
as pricing to guarantee your overall marketing program success.

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Determining which mail list you prefer as far are email contacts and postal addresses is a large decision when choosing a lead generation company.

While mailing campaign are universally known to take more time to plan and cost more to roll out, they are also known to average a higher return on investment and overall net revenue.

While this may seem out of the ordinary because of the increased costs of printing mailers and postage, the average response ratio for a postal mailing
application tends to be five times higher than an email campaign.

While the costs equally as high, the response will generate a new form of business that will increase your customer base and retention.

Email mailings tend to generate a much lower response rate unless you are able to personalize and make a compelling offer like 30 days free with money
back guarantee.

The success of either a physical or email campaign will depend entirely on the marketing material sent, quality of list purchased, and your marketing efforts.

If you are able to find brokers that know how to target your marketing niche and define the type of clientele you are trying to reach, you will have a better chance for marketing success.

Ask About Their Specialty

Avoid list brokers that advertise the quick sale, and always be sure they are able to provide you with a reasonable product for your investment.

In this current economy, marketing plays a vital role in whether small businesses are able to stay afloat. Do your research as a business owner, and find a reliable provider with accurate lists and quality customer satisfaction guarantees.

Online Mailing Lists

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