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When Using selects to find the best lists

for your business you are only looking for a specific segment of the lists that closely fits your market.

For example if you are information technology certified education provider instead of mailing to the entire list of Information Technology subscribers you would instead mail to titles like Information Technology Managers, Directors and Vice-Presidents.

Using these selects to pinpoint your target audience is an important skill and it requires and understanding of how selects are derived. the narrower or more specialized your target market, the more skill required to use the selects to reach your audience.

Business Lists selects include:

  • Job TitleĀ  or Function
  • Industry
  • Number of Employees
  • Geographical Location
  • Purchase Influence

Consumer Lists:

  • Geographical Location
  • Interest or Activity
  • Average Order Size
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Martial Status
  • Children
  • Income

The more selects you add, the more the price increases on the other hand the more selects you combine the more you reduce the number of names available for your campaign. This reduces your lists counts and you may not have enough for minimum order requirements.

Set Goals

To choose a minimum number of selects that will identify your target audience to ensure respondents will be good prospects for your goods or services.

Examples could be Information Technology certification teacherĀ  that certifies Information Technology managers to upgrade their skill set by attending a two-day seminar for IT certification within 10 miles from their place to work. You would then select lists with a Standard Industrial Classification of Information Technology with a title of Managers, Directors or Vice Presidents working at major fortune 500 companies within 10 miles of UCLA campus in LA.

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