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Renting a List From The Owners Viewpoint

Any successful list manager will tell you that the in-house mailing or e-mailing list is the biggest profit producing asset that your business could ever own. What other part of your business brings in 55 to 60 percent of the gross sales as pure profit to your bottom line? Like the PDF e-book download that that produces income each time someone charges it to their credit card on your Website.

Normally all the costs attributable to the development of a list have been amortized for another in-house utilization so the list is cost free.

Those companies that rent their names get added income from this income source and those that do not rent their customer lists could be losing a great monthly stream of income. This becomes another more income from your customer life time value analysis. See this blog

Purchase Mailing lists

How To Buy Mailing List

Prepare a detailed description of exactly what you need.  Write out a full description of  what’s to be tested and lists that will provide the affinity. Clone the best profile of your current customer base this is how you determine your offer to entice customer to purchase your product/service.

Clone your best customers – profile of the top 20% of your customers how currently have they purchased, the amount they purchased and the dollar volume.  Include demographic features like age, gender and geography.

Be specific about what you want

It is important that you give as much information as possible to your list company or broker and include the Standard Industrial Classification and include the 4 to 8 digit code for industry.

Include titles, state and zip-codes be very specific about what you would like to exclude like franchise’s, hospitals, schools, give details about dollar of annual sales like most small businesses fall into the $500,000 – $2,500,000 range include number of employees. If you are trying to contact the business owner you will have better luck with small business owners since many answer their own phones and open there own.

Keep track of all of your dates and the source for each list order. Always test a sample of the list before rolling out 20,000 or more to determine if you will break-even on the promotion. Remember you often lose money to acquire new customers up front. With follow-up and good procedures to up-sell and cross-sell customer database to make up for lost revenue from the up-front costs.

E-mail List Broker

Click Here> When purchasing list it is best to put the price aside and base your selection on quality or past response rates.

Search by type of business, SIC Code, number of employees, sales volume, executive title and other great selections.

Review your count.

Place your order – your list will be delivered instantly! 100% Guaranteed or your money back with 210 Million Consumers and 14 Million Business coast to coast

Copy the code below to your web site.


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