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Buying Mailings Lists

The worth of your list is based on the worth of the compiler.

  • Your specific needs and how well you communicated those needs to your list compiler
  • How much the compiler knows about marketing products and services
  • How current is their data and how often do they update
  • Do they enhance their data with modern append updates like email or cell phone

If your list is small like a few hundred names or under a 1,000 names or emails you should shop around and find a compiler who believes the order is a opportunity. Even small orders can be very profitable for compilers and there is always the possibility that you may come back a place more orders.

Direct Marketing Mailing Lists

Tips on Finding a Compiling Service to Suit Your Needs

Suggestions for choosing the best list compiler for your exact list needs:

  • Assign on person in your firm or company to become the list expert for your company and this person needs to investigate and research the specializations of brokers , list compilers and list managers.
  • Collect data on all compilers who offer lists in your field. Start with Standard Rates and Data Services online and then request a data on three or four of these sources that serves the field
  • Request names of nearby customers and determine how they have been served by the list compiler.
  • Write up some specifications for a given compiled list and send it off to several compilers serving the field. You may here back from a couple of the compilers that serve to smaller customers or don’t bother to get back with you since your request is too small to satisfy minimun requirements.

For business list the specifications can be different for example:

  • SIC – what are the classifications of the business? When purchasing be sure to exclude franchises like McDonald’s, churches, schools and hospitals unless this is your target market.
  • Individual names or are they suppose to have titles like, Vice President, Manager or Doctor?
  • What are the sales, distribution size or number of people working at different locations.

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Search by type of business, SIC Code, number of employees, sales volume, executive title and other great selections.

Review your count.

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