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How To Avoid These Important Misuses Of List Owner

There are three elements to any direct mail campaign; product, offer and lists if you get any of these wrong you have a disaster.

When list are rented you only have these four players the list owner, manager, broker and renter. Any of these four players can give the other a major screwing and the following are misuses by the List Manager:

  • Frequency – beware of over used lists if you own the list and can rent them greedy list managers could over rent the lists
  • Nth name scam – some list owners will load a test list with hot line buyers, only buyers that purchased in the last 90 days
  • Dirty lists – they don’t remove duplicates, non-delivery and bounce backs ever
  • The incorrect run of names- They sent you the wrong list, geography, SIC, or title
  • Beware of inability to merge/purge Duplication among your customer file or against other rented lists can be a disaster.

Misuses by Renter/Broker:

  • Before renting out the names a list owner has the right to see the mailing package before it avoid pornographic or inappropriate mail
  • Beware of the net name arrangements duplication of names can be expensive since your paying for processing, mailing and list rental cost.
  • Double usage – beware that some renters could double use lists with out permission

If you are not familiar with buying a list online or through a list manager it would be advisable to have an experienced list professional to complete the transaction for you.

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