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Using a Marketing List Broker to locate Insurance Leads beats most other forms of advertising like (newspaper advertising, billboard or cable TV).

Many professionals in the insurance industry know that direct marketing is frequently the most efficient means to touch base with potential new purchasers in a measurable manner.

Direct Marketing Success starts by finding an experienced mailing list broker who can be located anywhere in the United States.

Mailing list brokers function as your guide, supplying relevant lists of prospective clients wanting to hear about the insurance product you are offering.

You can ask to refine information based on income. household ownership, age, children, occupation and much more.

They can help you get a list of businesses or consumers who have bought products or services similar to yours, or who come into the demographic profile or money range, age group or geographic area you are attempting to get a hold of.

Business listings are collected by information picked up from public business enterprise directories, government offices, and postal data.

Consumer lists are compiled from both public and private sources, including those the list compiler may have certain connections to.

Profile and Target Lists

Compiled lists are ordinary public record list may feature a million names. To the highest degree mailing list brokers furnish numerous methods to target detailed demographics.

An unrefined list may be cheap to purchase, but might cost more in the long haul with poor response rates and with deliverability holding near 70%..

Business-to-Business Lists

Can be pegged down by selections such as SIC code, city or community, or even a mile radius. career status, and past company affiliation. Likewise, a consumer list may include selects for buying history, family income,
location, and gender.

The additional category filters you select, the further targeted and refined your list will get.

The substantial benefit is that targeted mailing lists normally supply more prime leads, plus the best return on investment.

Specified targeting goes with an upgraded cost, meaning more per name.Never buy a list because it equals cheaper overall cost.


Since all it takes is one extra quality lead from a targeted client to step-up your profits. Whatever type of list you select, bear in mind that mailing lists are the belongings of the list owners. When you get a list from a list broker, you are not purchasing it – you’re renting it.

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