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Business to Business mailing lists is the best way of growing your small business on a regular basis.

Whether you are using direct mail marketing mailshot or telephone methods, website, or have decided on an email campaign, the use of well-targeted and accurate marketing lists may be crucial for the success of your promotion.

List Appending

Finding the time and the resources in your business to develop and thereafter maintain your own lists may not be easy – which is where the direct marketing services providers may be of interest to you. List appending by adding extra fields to your data for phone, email or web address are great enhancements. B2B Database Group can provide you with this information.

Once they have talked to you to determine your exact requirements, specialists like this can put together a list for you or update and cleanse you own list to help you to maximise the potential benefits for your campaign. This is the least expensive way to increase the value of a your customer database.

In addition to basic contact details like name and address, postcode, telephone and fax numbers plus email addresses, the information held on these lists can vary depending on the target audience.

If you are looking to contact consumers directly, details relating to employment and income, interests and leisure activities, loans and mortgages, insurances held and renewal dates can be very useful indeed to help you better target potential customers. B2B Database Group

For businesses hoping to reach other businesses, well-constructed B2B marketing lists can contain a wealth of information about the company – size, turnover, number of employees.

It is also very useful to have named contact points within the companies, so you can reach the right person and the one responsible for making the decisions. As an example, people may be more likely to open an envelope with their name on it than one addressed simply to ‘The Purchasing Manager’.

It is essential that such lists are regularly updated. Duplicate entries must be removed. People change job, get married, divorce and eventually, die. All of this key information, as well as mailing preference service requests, needs to be reflected in the lists. B2B Database Group

Mailer Preparing Lists

If you use the postal service your mailer will prep the mailing by with CASS and National Change of Address to ensure the accuracy of the delivery. This upgraded list can later be used to update your currnet customer records.

In some cases it may even be against legislation to send out direct marketing to those who have opted for a preferential service, particularly using email, so having this type of information to hand may be very useful indeed.

Wasting Money

It is in no-one’s best interest to send out information to people who are not there or who are just not interested. It wastes everyone’s time as well as your money and resources. So if you are hoping to run a successful campaign, you may find that using well maintained marketing lists can help you maximise the return on your investment.

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