Dymo Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo FAQ’s

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These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Dymo Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo

One of the comments relating to why the twin labels are important to this customer on Amazon see a more in-depth of the Dymo Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo review here at Marketing List Broker

I bought the Twin Turbo after owning the Turbo 330 for years and I expect it to perform just as well. The flexibility of 2 printers speaks for its self and the performance is great. The ability to print postage makes this printer even more versatile. One thing I would have liked to see and would make this printer “greener” is an On/Off power button. Overall great product. Strongly recommended

Another comment relating to why you should buy only the DYMO brand and not cheap imitations

I have purchased a Brother QL-550 over a year ago. I wasn’t happy with it, so now I have purchased Dymo TwinTurbo. I use it to print address labels from Outlook and other types of directly from Excel or Word. Here is my take. The software is great but make sure you download the latest software from Dymo website and don’t use the software that comes in the Box. Here are the major differences between the Brother Product and Dymo. Both have the capability to print postage (I don’t use it for postage). The Dymo has over 40 different label types brother has about 20. You can find generic Dymo label for cheaper. I haven’t found brother generic labels and labels are expensive especially when you use it allot. The Brother labels come with a disposable plastic Label spool therefore it’s quicker to load the labels into the printer. Also the printer knows what type of labels is loaded in the printer and passes that information to the software. The Dymo LabelWriter has a reusable label spool you have to put the roll of label onto the spool and then load the printer (small learning curve) and the software doesn’t know what types of labels are loaded. The QL-550 also has an auto cutter but that isn’t a necessity since the Dymo has a cutting blade and you just need to pull and it would cut the label for you. I find the Dymo software user friendly and like it better than Brothers software. The Add-In for Word, Excel and Outlook allows you to print directly from their respective program; Brother Add-In opens the Brother Label program to do it. Also Dymo Add-In lets you correct mailing address. I have called tech support they answered my call quickly. Dymo Setup in a Secure/Network setting is better and easier. In short I think the Dymo is a better buy I suggest getting the Twin and or Duo so you won’t need to change labels that often. I find even the Brother it not very convenient to switch the label often since you would have to load and feed the labels.

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