How To Improve Your Marketing ROI

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Email marketers today have faced their own unique challenges.

Spurred by increased program performance expectations, more email marketing messages have been pumped into inboxes with more offers – and more competitive noise.

It is more difficult to break through that noise and generate meaningful results; this has made creating relevance in email messages more important.

Email marketers do have unique opportunities to drive performance and ROI – if they know where to concentrate their efforts.

Email Marketing Remains the Cornerstone Of all the trends to watch, this is the one that many people will miss simply because it seems so obvious.

Email marketing alone

Isn’t exactly a hot new trend, but you’ll want to start using email more effectively in your marketing mix.

The primary reason why email has been, and will continue to be, of major importance of the online marketing world is that it’s the one method of online marketing that everyone uses.

As shown below, email marketing had the highest penetration of all the online mediums last year – with over 90 percent of companies using email marketing.

Email is the Most-Used Online Marketing Tool

Email marketing effectiveness can be improved through integration with other online marketing channels. For instance, social media marketing (SMM) is an efficient way to extend your email
campaigns between send dates, search engine marketing (SEM) can be used to build your email opt-in list and mobilemarketing is a great way to improve the response rates
of email offers.

Improving Email Marketing ROI:

• Optimize the opt-in. Don’t just ask for a name and email address; get to know your customers better when they opt in for your email. Ask for what products or services interest them, how often they want to be contacted and what
offers appeal to them.

Make relevance the priority. By getting more than just the basics at the opt-in, you’re well positioned to send relevant, meaningful email messages each and every time. After the opt-in, continue to build a history on all customers in your file based on what they bought, what information they requested and anything else that tells you who they are as individuals.

Use this information to make your communication focus on the “what’s in it for me” from the customer standpoint and not the “what do we want to sell” that other companies may use.

• Leverage social media for email marketing, and vice versa. Email used in conjunction with SMM is a powerful combination because it makes email more interactive.

Once connected with you via SMM, your followers can communicate in an interactive way and become more engaged.

This engagement can result in quicker response, faster conversion and higher ROI. And properly engaged, your followers will share your message with others. So ask your recipients to “tag” your email to spread your messages virally.

With little or no investment on your part, your email has new life. And review the discussion threads on social media sites to get ideas for offers, what content is interesting and to find out what your customers want.

Promote your opt ins on those sites as well to grow your list.

• Make search earn its keep. Optimize your pay-per-click (PPC) and organic search programs by making sure that your opt in is promoted on each destination page. And as they are opting in, record by customer what interested them and what the source was of their initial interest. Use this to segment your messaging to increase relevance from the beginning.

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